EDGE SUIT OUTLET - Store Policy/T&C's

Hire Policy and Conditions of Hire

All hires to be paid in full before collection.

All hirers must provide credit card details as security before hire items are collected.

Payment terms are – Visa / Mastercard / American Express – no cheques.

Hires to be returned within two working days otherwise late fees will apply.

Late fees are $25 per day with a maximum late fee penalty of $300.

Cancellation – if hire suits are cancelled after fitting and booking, a fitting and service fee of $50 will be charged per suit with the balance of deposit refunded. If suits are cancelled within 14 days of hiring date, 50% of hire fee will be charged.

There is NO cash refunds on goods purchased and returned. Alternately a credit note will be issued.

Replacement of damaged items – see cash receipt for details.

All items not returned must be paid for by hirer and if returned within 14 days of this payment, a refund of this amount will be occur.

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